FOGA is able to offer ships for charter covering a broad range of activities like:

• Guard Vessels operating 365/24/7 for protection of installations above the water and subsea.
FOGA has access to a selection of guard vessels with crews of considerable experience in that type of assignments.
Traffic coordination and reporting of traffic and observations in the area.

• Vessels for environment survey. We have at our disposal a large number of vessels especially rigged for biologists, ornithologists and other surveyors working with environment, flora and fauna.
The vessels are prepared for:

o Sidescan sonar
o Video survey
o Multibeam sonar
o ROV operations
o Bird observation – equipped with “Orni boxes” i.a.w. the BSH rules.
o Buoy handling PODs
o Test fishing
o Bottom sampling, Benthos, Van Veen Grabbing
o Vibrocore/CPT
o Diving platform

• Vessels for research. FOGA can provide vessels suitable as platforms for research and marine survey. Equipped with room for laboratories, cranes for water sampling, A-frames etc.

• Expedition vessels. FOGA has available vessels for assignments in the Arctic and other remote waters. Suitable for setting up camps, or bare boat charter of vessels with tender craft, cargo capacity etc.

• Small fast craft for calling at wind turbines and other offshore installations for transfer of technicians etc.


FOGA is offering charter of bubble window observation aircraft.

• Survey from the air

o Birds, mammals, fish, algae, telemetry and ice

• High level or low level survey

o Offshore installations
o Platforms – stationary or moving
o Vessels, windfarms, bridges

• Photo flights with photographer Bent Medvind embarked