We offer expert advisory & professional consultancy on a variety of areas related to fishery.

FOGA Consult works with the following elements:

• FLO (Fisheries Liaison Officers)

MMO (Marine Mammal Observation)

Observation of and statistics for sea mammals

New offshore constructions influence on the fishery:

o Offshore Wind farms

o Subsea constructions

o Submerged pipelines & cables

o Traffic separation schemes

o Bridges and tunnels

FOGA is offering a wide range of consulting services, all related to sustainable energy, offshore oil & gas activities and fishing.
Planning for recovery of oil and gas and generation of offshore wind energy demand thorough consideration before taking the final decision on establishing an oilfield or a windfarm.
In addition to seismic surveys, risk analysis, logistic aspects and many other issues attention must be paid to the other users of the sea and its resources.
FOGA is assisting the operators of the offshore oil and gas industry and the suppliers of sustainable energy from offshore windfarms by offering professional advice focusing on and clarifying the influence of offshore constructions on activities like fishing in the area. Consulting includes analysis of possibilities of alternative positioning of for instance foundations for wind turbines in order to ensure a positive co-existence between the various players relying on the resources available at the shallow banks at sea.

Offshore installations

Often fishing takes place by trawling at a pre-determined water depth along and around the slopes of a bank. Thus, when planning a windfarm, consideration should be paid to the activities of the trawlers and other users of the sea by designing and positioning the foundations for the wind turbines in such a way that they are respecting such activities.
Contributing to more profitable fishing is the fact that an offshore windfarm and its network of cables are typically covered by granite boulders protecting the foundations and their cables from being undermined by the currents washing away the sand.
In time such artificial stone reef will develop into biotopes increasing the spawning of fish and shellfish “feeding” the adjacent fishing areas with catch. In that way construction of reefs and banks may have a positive effect on other trades making their living from the sea.

NordStream offshore gas pipelines

Prior to and during the construction of the two 1,224 km gas pipelines through the Baltic, FOGA provided professional assistance to NordStream AG.
FOGA was involved due to its maritime background. Based on our professional knowledge of the various types of fishing and fishing vessels in the Baltic we rendered advice in order to minimize any possible inconvenience to the fishermen during the cable-laying and subsequent operation of the pipelines. The consulting included proposals for better positioning of the cables and implementing of improved methods of fishing, resulting in the local fishing vessels using less fuel and inflicting less load on the seabed.

FLO, Fishery Liaison Officers /Fishing advisors for survey vessels

When starting up seismic survey of an area of the sea it is considered “Best Practice” – and often a legal requirement - to embark dedicated Fishery Liaison Officers on the seismic vessel.
FOGA Consult ApS is offering to embark some of the most experienced fishing skippers in the North Sea and the Baltic as advisors to the oil & gas operators providing information on fishing matters in order to prevent accidents, unwanted incidents and loss of seismic data and subsequent down-time during the seismic acquisition.
Our Fishery Liaison Officers sign on the survey vessel and brief by VHF the fishing vessels in the vicinity of the length and lay-out of the seismic equipment typically being towed several miles aft of the vessel.
Experience proves that a proper dialogue with and information to the fishermen before and during a survey will reduce the inconveniences felt by both parties.
The FOGA Fishery Liaison Officer files a daily report on his observations and tasks. Upon completion of the operation the report is submitted to the operator to be included in the report to the Danish Energy Agency or the Directorate for Fishery.
Prior to a survey our experienced liaison officers may assist the operators in clarifying the fishing methods and number vessels operating in the area, and the liaison officers may contribute during the planning phase by positive inputs, trouble-shooting and practical proposals. Naturally, the challenges are likely to change during the fishing season and depending on the quota, and they may even be most specific for each different area.

MMO, Marine Mammal Observers for survey vessels

FOGA is providing “Marine Mammal Observers” for survey vessels in the North Sea and the Baltic. The observers are advising the crew of the vessels on the “Soft Start-up” procedure required when commencing the survey, and they may instruct them in how to act in case of observations of marine mammals like whales or seals in the area. The observers submit a report describing any observation of mammals and what precautions were taken by the vessel.
In addition to the weekly FogaInfoInformation to Fishermen of Oil and Gas Activities” being issued to the fishermen of the area, the advice offered by the FOGA specialists is likely to result in positive proceedings during survey operations.