Survey vessels
Guard vessel services 


With more than 30 years of experience in the maritime sector, FOGA ApS' business goal is to build a foundation for increased cooperation between the fishery- and offshore sectors through our extensive knowledge and special expertise on both areas. We specialize in distribution of information as well as chartering and consultancy.


FOGA ApS has extensive experience with accumulation and distribution of information about maritime activities in order to prevent and avoid accidents relating to offshore activities. Each week, we distribute this information to fishermen and other interested parties in various countries in different languages, both via E-mail and our website. For more details, please see the remainder of this website.


We offer vessels and experienced crew at competitive prices to perform the following assignments at sea or by air:

     • Sidescan sonar
     • Video survey

     • Multibeam survey

     • ROV

     • Bird observation
     • POD handling

     • Trial Fishery

     • Bottom Sampling
     • Vibrocore/CPT
     • Diving platform

     • Low or high level surveys

            · Birds, mammals, fish, algae, telemetric, ice

     • Low or high level photo flights

            · Offshore oil installations

            · Oilrigs on station or towed

            · Ships and vessels, wind parks, bridges


We offer expert advice and professional consultation on a wide range of fishery related matters.

  • FLO (Fisheries Liaison Officers)
  • Consultation regarding MMO (Marine Mammal Observation)


  • Observation of and Marine Mammal Records
    New offshore constructions


  • The impact on fishery:
    Windmill parks
    Submerged constructions
    Pipes and Cables
    Traffic separation schemes