The vessel NORMAND FLOWER has finished the job at the Jill-1 location in Danish waters and the vessel has left the site. 

SOUTH ARNE development project


The storage tank and top site of the SOUTH ARNE-field was established in the summer of 1999 at position: (WGS-84) 56° 04,73’ N  04° 13,82’ E.

Connected with a new bridge and platform to SOUTH ARNE WHP B at pos. 56° 04,693’ N  04° 13,85’ E.

The Satelliteplatform SOUTH ARNE WHP C is installed at the position 56° 04,693’ N  04° 13,85’ E, where a safety zone of 500 meter is established acc. to DEA regulations No. 657.

SOUTH ARNE Operation Control can be contacted via VHF channel 17.

ESVAGT INNOVATOR functions as supply/standby/rescue vessel at the South Arne field and is operated from Esbjerg.


South Arne field’s tanker loading facility is installed at the end of the connecting pipe line, at 2,2 km distance from the field at position 56° 05,55’ N  04° 15,37’ E.


The tanker loading arrangement is protected by a safety zone of  700 meters.  

Tanker loading operations will take place approx. with 8-10. days intervals, assisted by the standby/multipurpose vessel ESVAGT INNOVATOR.