Ship owners – O.LOG Shipping ApS

Our ship owning company O.LOG Shipping ApS was founded in the spring 2012 and the company is part owner of the ship owning company Nordsøen Offshore P/S.

Ship owners – Nordsøen Offshore P/S

In the spring 2013 FOGA and a group of investors bought the former fishery inspection and SAR vessel M/S NORDSØEN from the Danish government.

Crewing and technical management are carried out by KEM Offshore, which are one of the investors in the vessel.

Commercial management and operation of the M/S NORDSØEN are carried out by FOGA.
Since we took over the vessel it has been on guard duties in the German North Sea within the offshore wind sector. The vessel has also acted as a chase vessel in both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The M/S NORDSØEN can also act as survey or SAR vessel. With the M/S NORDSØEN we can offer a robust vessel built for steaming during all kind of weather, as well as operation in rough seas and/or icy waters as the vessel are ice classed.