Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) ACHIEVER, ADVANCER, BRAVER, BOOSTER,  CHANNEL CHIEFTAIN IX & KEM 1 will be doing works in the area.

All 49 WTGs have been installed.

Horns Rev 3 Marine Coordination Centre has been established by Vattenfall and is in operation 24/7. HR3 MCC can be contacted by VHF ch. 16 and 10 or by duty-phone no.: +45 27 87 50 50. HR3 MCC is monitoring traffic in the area and at the construction site. 


The area is buoyed as stated below: 

A string of 39 m CPT rods, 4 cm in diameter has been lost and is now laying at the seabed at approx. position 56°01,29 N - 008°02,00 E. Fishing vessels are to keep clear of the position. The Danish Maritime Authorities has been informed.