The guard vessel NORDSØEN monitors the area until completion of installation, and listen on VHF ch. 10 and 16.

Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) DOER, BOOSTER, ADVANCER, ARRIVER, SC AMETHYST, SURE SHAMAL, BLUE NORTHER, KEM 1, UMOE FIRMUS, & WEM1 will be doing works in the area.

The installation vessel BRAVE TERN are installing WTGs.
The Walk to work vessels SKANDI CONSTRUCTOR, STRIL SERVER & EDDA FAUNA working at Horns Rev III.
The cable vessels NDEAVOR doing cable works at Horns Rev III.
Trenching vessel OLYMPIC ARTIMES is doing ROV surveys and cable trenshing on the Horns Rev III + the cable from WGT 07 to the OSS in Horns REV II.
The jackup verssel THOR is hotel vessel at Horns Rev III.

Horns Rev 3 Marine Coordination Centre has been established by Vattenfall and is in operation 24/7. HR3 MCC can be contacted by VHF ch. 16 and 10 or by duty-phone no.: +45 27 87 50 50. HR3 MCC is monitoring traffic in the area and at the construction site. 


The area is buoyed as stated below: 

A string of 39 m CPT rods, 4 cm in diameter has been lost and is now laying at the seabed at approx. position 56°01,29 N - 008°02,00 E. Fishing vessels are to keep clear of the position. The Danish Maritime Authorities has been informed.