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Femern Belt

The tunnel trench will be dredged by a number of different dredging vessels working inside designated work areas situated along the tunnel alignment.

The designated work areas are marked with buoys with AIS, and the work areas will move along the tunnel alignment as the dredging of the tunnel trench progresses.

​At the coast of Lolland, a new work harbour is constructed just east of the current harbour in Rødbyhavn and there have been established light at the buoys and at the breakwater. A western and an eastern mooring area, respectively, are also marked by buoys. In these areas a variety of different tasks are conducted related to the construction of the work harbor and the reclamation areas on both sides of the two harbous. Both mooring areas are off-limits to non-construction vessels.

Next to the ferry harbor in Puttgarden a mooring- and working area have been established. The area is marked with yellow buoys. In this area a variety of different tasks are conducted related to the construction of a minor work harbor. The mooring- and working area is off-limit to non-construction vessels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

It is strongly recommended not to carry out trawl-fishing in the vicinity of the tunnel trench.

Central to ensuring the safety and efficiency of the ship traffic is the establishment and operation of a  Vessel Traffic Service (VTS Fehmarnbelt). VTS Fehmarnbelt covers the Fehmarnbelt area and will be in operation during the entire tunnel construction phase. VTS Fehmarnbelt is a common  German and Danish VTS operated by the German and Danish authorities. 

VTS working channel is VHF 68.

Each work area will be guarded by one guard vessel at all times. Representatives from the German authorities  are onboard the guard vessels, and the guard vessels will be acting under the authority of the VTS operators.

A dedicated assistance tug (BUGSIER 30) will be available to assist a hampered or damaged vessel inside the VTS area at all times.

The assistance tug is free of charge, ensured and no salvage or assistance fees will be claimed.

Femern A/S has developed an electronic folder with information regarding the working areas. The folder can be downloaded via the below mentioned link:


VTS Fehmarnbelt area:

1)54° 45.20'N - 011° 02.10'E coast

2)54° 36.50'N - 010° 53.10'E VTS W

3)54° 33.70'N - 010° 53.50'E VTS SW

4)54° 31.65'N - 011° 03.40'E coast

5)54° 24.00'N - 011° 18.65'E coast

6)54° 24.00'N - 011° 41.60'E VTS SE

7)54° 31.90'N - 011° 41.60'E VTS E

8)54° 35.70'N - 011° 30.25'E coast


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