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Hesselø Offshore Windfarm

Energinet are conducting various offshore surveys in Kattegat, where the Hesselø Offshore Windfarm is planned. The Hesselø Offshore Windfarm is situated i the waters North of Lysegrund, covering an area of approx. 247 km2  with a planned capacity of up to 1,2 GW. It is expected that the windfarm will be commissioned in 2027. 

The area of the comming windfarm is within the below mentioned positions. (Datum: ETRS89, can be used as WGS84).

56° 20,110' N - 11° 55,130' E

56° 25,724' N - 11° 39,884' E

56° 34,914' N - 11° 50,963' E

56° 37,052' N - 11° 53,528' E

56° 24,111' N - 11° 54,539' E

56° 21,108' N - 11° 58,289' E

Energinet have deployed a weather buoy at position: 56° 27.852'N - 11° 50.104'E. Datum: ETR89.

The Danish Energy Agency has announced that the tender for Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm will be suspended until the results of the initial preliminary studies of the seabed have been further analyzed.

However, the postponement of the tender will not affect Energinet's work with feasibility studies, which will continue according to schedule.


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