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Hesselø Offshore Windfarm

Energinet are conducting various offshore surveys in Kattegat, where the Hesselø Offshore Windfarm is planned. The Hesselø Offshore Windfarm is situated i the waters North of Lysegrund, covering an area of approx. 247 km2  with a planned capacity of up to 1,2 GW. It is expected that the windfarm will be commissioned in 2027. 

The area of the comming windfarm is within the below mentioned positions. (Datum: ETRS89, can be used as WGS84).

56° 20,110' N - 11° 55,130' E

56° 25,724' N - 11° 39,884' E

56° 34,914' N - 11° 50,963' E

56° 37,052' N - 11° 53,528' E

56° 24,111' N - 11° 54,539' E

56° 21,108' N - 11° 58,289' E


The vessel OCEAN VANTAGE is expected at Hesselø Offshore Windfarm site approx. April 20, 2021 in order to conduct a seabed CPT survey within the limits of the OWF site. The duration is 3 weeks, afterwards the vessel will conduct drilling operations. During the CPT works the vessel will be in position for 4 – 6 hours at a time at the various locations. During the drilling works the vessel will be in position for 2 – 3 days at a time.

The vessel AURORA conducting a seabed survey at the Hesselø Offshore windfarm site the coming days.

Energinet have deployed a weather buoy at position: 56° 27.852'N - 11° 50.104'E. Datum: ETR89.

Energinet has deployed 8 CPODS at the site where the Hesselø Offshore Windfarm is planned. 6 are positioned within the project site and 2 are positioned close to the shore side within the planned cable route. The CPOD stations will remain in position for 1 year. A safety distance of 25 meter around the position is required. There will be conducted service visits with an interval of 8 weeks. Each station consists of buoy which via chain and rope are connected to 400 kg concrete anchor. The acoustic devise (called a CPOD) with its hydrostatic release is deployed approx. 10 meters from the anchor and it is kept in position via 2 20 kg sandbags. It is situated 2 meter above the seabed (3,5 m including the orange ball). The hydrostatic release can be activated from the surface, whereby the releaser as well as the CPOD are released and comes to the surface due to the 2 buoyancy balls. Below pictures shows the equipment (Picture 1 & 2) as well as the buoys (Picture 3). If the equipment by accident is caught by a fishing vessel please contact Aarhus Universitet (Jeppe Dalgaard +45 93 50 82 02 eller Signe Sveegaard +45 28 95 16 64). A small reward will be paid if the equipment is delivered back.


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