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The vessel NORMAND FLOWER is expected to conduct a geotechnical soil investigation survey from 2 July, with a duration of 8 - 10 days at below mentioned locations:

Valdemar (inside the 500m zone): 55° 50.06' N - 04° 33.68' E.

Roar (inside the 500m zone): 55° 46.04' N - 04° 38.90'  E.

M.Rosa 2 (Rolf field, inside the 500m zone): 55° 36.26' N - 04° 29.27'  E.

The vessel SLEIPNIR at the TYRA Field until approx. 6/7. Were the decommission of the old platforms are carried out. The auxiliary vessel have left the site. 

The vessel BOKA ATLANTIS is conducting divning inspections at the DUC Fields  until July 1, 2020.

The vessel VESTLAND CYGNUS is working at the DUC Fields with well service at all satellite platforms.

The vessel DEFENDER is working at the TYRA Fields.

The vessel MAERSK TRACKER conducting maintenance at the DUC Fields.

The vessels ASSISTER, BUGSIER 9 & MULTRATUG 4 are expected at the TYRA Field for a rigmove of the CROSSWAY EAGLE.


From 15 May - 15 September 2020, two prohibited areas around platforms TYRA E and TYRA W will be

established. In the area unauthorized navigation, diving, anchoring, fishing and work on the seabed will be prohibited.

Both new pipelines between TYRA W & TYRA E has been deployed and trenched

into the seabed. More information on this project can be found on page 4.


The accommodation rig CROSSWAY EAGLE to be moved from TYRA W to DAN FA-FE approx. 1/7-2020.

The accommodation rig MAERSK GUARDIAN to be moved from TYRA E to the Port of Esbjerg approx. 7/7-2020.



A set of buoys are deployed at the position: 55°48.127 N 004°33.504E next to VALDEMAR BA. (A waverider buoy and an isolated danger buoy):


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