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Vattenfall Kriegers Flak

The offshore windfarm Danish Kriegers Flak is situated in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea.

The Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) TRAVELLER, ATTENDER and BOLDER operates in the Kriegers Flak area.

Vattenfall OCC Marine Coordination Centre is in operation 24/7 and can be contacted by VHF CH 16 and 10, as well MCC can be contacted via duty-phone no.: +45 32 240 243.

Vattenfall OCC (MCC) is monitoring the traffic in the area of all Vattenfall OWF.

A buoy, with equipment for mussel spat collection in the water column, has been deployed.

The buoy is deployed on the following position: 54.58.601'N – 12.47.286'E.

Within the windfarm a seaweed farm has been established. The site is marked by 4 yellow buoys. The lines and buoys are in the surface in the seaweed farm at Danish Kriegers Flak and navigation within the marked area should be avoided.

1, 54°58.89473502'N, 012°47.69797624'E

6, 54°58.54310618'N, 012°47.36581880'E

7, 54°58.64355668'N, 012°47.20962837'E

8, 54°58.79427409'N, 012°47.85416315'E

Presently the NW Corner buoy is missing.


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