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On request of our clients, FOGA ApS informs fishermen and organisations from Denmark and several other countries on relevant offshore activities in the North Sea as well as the Baltic Sea/Inner Danish waters. 

The information is distributed via E-mail on a weekly basis via an overview chart with a nautical chart on one page and a text describing the operations in detail on the other pages. Every Tuesday the newsletter about the North Sea is distributed and every Thursday the newsletter about the Baltic Sea/Inner Danish waters are distributed. 

Receiving the overview charts via E-mail is free of charge.

Current clients who utilise our services to provide information about their activities at sea include companies such as TotalEnergies E&P Denmark A/S, INEOS OIL & GAS, Vattenfall, Ørsted, Energinet and further.

The overview chart gives a quick and efficient overview of offshore activities which can have an impact on the fishery.

By issuing the weekly overview chart FOGA ApS secures that fishing vessels in the North Sea are made aware of surveys, construction and maintenance campaigns which can have an impact on the fishery. The chart gives an easy overview of areas in the North Sea where work is conducted, giving fishing vessels the opportunity to plan their voyage accordingly. Among the subscribers you find offshore companies as well as authorities and subcontractors to the offshore industry who want updates on the activities in the Danish North Sea sector.

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