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Survey West of Bornholm

During the coming year Energinet will be carrying out metrological and oceanographic measurements Southwest and West of Bornholm, where offshore windfarms are to be located.

Energinet has deployed 15 C-POD stations in the area around the two designated areas for the two new wind farm areas approx. 20 km Southwest and South of Rønne. The C-POD stations have been selected to cover the entire area, so that it can be investigated how the marine mammals use the area. The C-POD stations will be in operation for 24 months to cover all seasons and variations between years. The stations will be serviced mid-season to guarantee one month of data per season. The stations and the individual C-PODS are equipped with GPS locating equipment so that they can be located in the event of their disappearance. 

54°50.34'N, 14°16.46'E
54°52.97'N, 14°07.06'E
54°58.82'N, 14°19.80'E
55°06.77'N, 14°25.42'E
54°53.09'N, 14°25.76'E
54°58.50'N, 14°30.37'E
55°02.99'N, 14°38.76'E
54°46.37'N, 14°30.42'E
54°51.47'N, 14°37.47'E
54°58.54'N, 14°44.43'E
54°51.32'N, 14°51.62'E
54°56.77'N, 14°56.13'E
54°42.34'N, 14°35.23'E
54°42.37'N, 14°44.54'E
54°47.76'N, 14°44.50'E



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