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Orsted operates 3 pipelines in the Danish North Sea sector:

20” Oil pipeline from GORM to Filsø

24” Gas pipeline from SYD ARNE to Blåbjerg. (via subsea Y-connection with a split from HARALD)

30” Gas pipeline from TYRA E-E to Kærgård

The gas pipeline is surrounded by a protection zone of 200m on each side of the pipeline pursuant to Danish Maritime Authority Order no. 939 of 27 November 1992 on Protection of Submarine Cables and Pipelines. Within the protection zone anchoring, dredging, boulder removal, and any use of equipment being dragged across the seabed will be prohibited. 

The company Orsted is conducting an acoustic survey and ROV inspections along the pipelines from Danish oil- and gasfields to the landfall at Blåbjerg and Kærgård from the vessel ARMADA 78-02 with an expected duration of 6 - 8 days, weather depending.



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