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The vessel ESVAGT INNOVATOR is the supply vessel at the SIRI and Syd Arne fields.

The vessel ESVAGT KAPPA is conducting guard duties at the rig NOBLE RESOLVE.

The vessels SAEBORG og SPIRIT of EMDEN are supply vessels for the rig NOBLE RESOLVE.

The rig NOBLE RESOLVE is in position at the platform Syd Arne WHPN.

SIRI Field

The SIRI platform and storage tanks is installed at the position: 56° 28,96' N 004° 54,67' E. The satellite platform Cecilie is installed at the position: 56° 24,13' N 004° 45,58' E. The satellite platforms Nini and Nini East are installed at the following positions: 56° 38,45' N 005° 19,27' E and 56° 40,49' N 005° 24,74' E. A safety zone of 500 m has been established. Mariners have to keep clear of the position.

2 buoys marking the subsea installation STINE (SCB-01 and SCB-02) are in position at 56°30.325' N, 005°02.505' E and 56°30.985' N 005°03.493' E. A safety zone of 500 m has been established. Mariners have to keep clear of the position. 

The SAL system (the tanker loading facility) at the SIRI field, position 56° 29,458' N 004° 56,350' E where tankers are loaded at monthly intervals has a safety zone of 730 m. Mariners have to keep clear of the position. The buoy at the STINE SCB-02 has been temporary relocated to this position:

56° 31.025’ N; 005° 03.427’ E.

Field positions

SIRI56° 28.96' N004° 54.67' E
The SAL System56° 29,458' N004° 56,350' E
CECILIE A56° 24.13' N004° 45.58' E
NINI A56° 38.45' N005° 19.27' E
NINI B56° 40.49' N005° 24.74' E



Subsea Installations

STINE SCB-156° 30.325' N005° 02.505' E
STINE SCB-256° 30.985' N005° 03.493' E


Safety zones with a radius of 500 meters are established at the locations SIRI, NINI-A, NINI B, CECILIE-A, STINE SCB-1 and STINE SCB-2.

Navigation and fishing are prohibited within the safety zones.


Fishermens Information on Offshore Activities 
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